Stake Pool Ticker

Ticker: H1VE

Fees: 340 + 2%

Why delegate to us?

  • Fees Simple, it’s 2%.
  • Servers: Reliable dedicated servers.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: We keep watch.
  • Up to date: Alays updated to the latest released version.
  • Quality of service: We aim at providing the best performance possible.

  • How to delegate to us

    Install Daedalus: Go to  Daedalus  wallet page and download the latest version of the wallet


    After the download is completed, unpack and install Daedalus wallet on your system.

    Once the installation is done, launch the Daedalus app and go through simple steps such as: select your language, read and accept the terms and conditions etc.

    Wait for Daedalus to sync. Since the blockchain is over 6GB it could take hours depending on your internet speed.

    After the sync is over, you can proceed with the next steps.

    Create A New Daedalus Wallet

    After the sync has reached 100%, go to the dashboard and click the Create button.


    Follow the instructions to create your wallet.

    Wait for the wallet is synced and you can use it for new transactions or for moving your funds from restored legacy wallets.

    Delegate To A Stake Pool

    Once you have some ADA in the newly created wallet you can delegate them to the stake pool.


    Click on the network icon in the left side panel to open the delegation centre.


    The dialogue window will appear where you will be prompted with steps you need to go through. Click Continue.


    Search the pool ticker for us and select that you want to delegate to H1VE stake pool, select and click Continue